Yellow and blue log house

Yellow and blue log house
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With temperatures going down in Lithuania, and wind coming from the North-East, usually after a few days the Dutch go skating. And indeed, with Lithuanian temperatures going down to -25 Celcius, the ice started growing in The Netherlands and then the Dutch get into this frenzy where they all hope for the Great Event: the Elfstedentocht.

And with Covid-19 the Dutch government did not want to let that happen, twenty thousand people on the ice was not a good idea, but also, they were reluctant to call off an event for which the Dutch had been waiting more than twenty years.

In the end the government was very lucky that the ice grew to …. well, just not thick enough for an Elfstedentocht.

Anyways, with all these nice blue skies one client of ours started photographing her house under construction, and sent us some photos. And we like them a lot. Powerful colours. This is a 250m2 log house.

Usually, we build log houses with minimal assistance from machinery, just lift and put everything together by hand. But some of these logs were over 100 kilos, and then when you have to lift six meters it becomes dangerous. We had to bring in a crane to get all the logs in place.